Out to sea in north east China

Fisherman Dong leaving the beach at dawn, Dalian, China 2007.

A conversation I had recently has been on my mind. I was asked what I do with all the photos I take that don’t make it to final projects or are sent to clients and it struck me how useless I am at doing anything much with them. Here is an attempt to share more things I have done that haven’t necessarily been for anything in particular, but are just because.

My friend Sara Gouveia and I persuaded fisherman Dong to let us come out on his boat with him one early morning while we were living in Dalian, studying for our MA. We were in the middle of the course and focused pretty intensely on our major projects during the summer, I think for me the love of photography for photography’s sake had started to wane a little and this morning was a brilliant reminder of why I was there in China in the first place.