Equine therapy

Some photos from a few summers ago when I went along to a Horse Boy Camp in Cornwall. The camps were set up by Rupert Isaacson, father of a son with autism, with the aim of providing a safe environment in which children on the autistic spectrum and their families can interact and spend time with horses and the natural world. It’s believed that children with autism benefit from time spent with horses due to the sensory, emotional and motor sensations that can come with riding. It was fascinating to see how the children gradually became interested in and connected with the animals, and how respectful and gentle the animals were with them. It was a pretty special moment when Kit (in the following four images) went towards one of the horses, throwing his arms around her, and she bowed her head in return. I’m no hippy (well maybe a tiny bit) but I do believe horses are quite magical beasts.

Family barbecue outside the yurts on South Penquite Farm, Bodmin Moor.

Fred on a rock. Fred’s family set up The Fred Foundation -helping fund education programmes for children with autism.