Recent work round-up

In which I will post some work of late. First up, Our Fave Places asked me to take some photos in Walkley, Crookes and Broomhill for their Sheffield area guides. Above is a view of the Arts Tower from Commonside/Howard Road, which snakes up into Walkley, sitting on one of Sheffield famed seven hills. I spent a pleasant few days in January pottering around record shops, charity shops and cafes. Work? The best kind of work. Makes me think of the time a taxi driver laughed when I told him I was a photographer. Pah! You take photos for a living? He couldn’t believe it. Neither can I sometimes. I should remember this when times are quiet and I find great achievement in things such as sourcing the board game Twister for £2 from a charity shop (yesterday). The highs and lows of self-employment.

Lokanta Turkish restaurant in Broomhill

Of the Wild flower and gift shop, Broomhill

The legendary Barry outside his shop, established in 1978.

Record collectors.

Weston Park Hospital Cancer Charity Shop, Crookes.

Walkley Beer Co, off-licence with seating/drink-in area.


Chinese New Year parade with students and teachers from Sheffield Chinese School.

Sheffield Chinese School New Year celebrations.

GKTCNY2015ShefChineseSchool_210 GKTCNY2015ShefChineseSchool_243

I photographed Chinese New Year in Sheffield for the second year, and have got more involved in the planning of the yearly show at City Hall. Having backstage access has been great- I’m building a collection of behind the scenes images that I hope to expand on next year, in addition to working more with the Wanlin School of Dance.

Dancers from Wanlin’s school in between performances at the City Hall




B&B Gallery, also for Our Fave Places.

Library Stories event, for Eleven Design and The University of Sheffield.

Video for ’18’ by Eastern Seaboard Radio Station. Nathan Gibson and I made this music video for a track from their recent album, out on Three Sixty Records. ESRS is the latest project by musician Paul Littlewood & we spent an ace afternoon filming him with Ben Underwood at the Heeley Institute.


Working with Brendan Stone and Storying Sheffield, I made four short films and a wee trailer (below) looking at people’s experiences of public services, with the aim for the films to advocate for better integration of health and social care in Sheffield. Each film shares an individual or family’s experience, in their own words. While sharing stories of cases where the current system has failed, the films also express hope for better treatment on a more human, personalised level. Storying Sheffield are sharing the films and more about the project on their site here.