‘Home is’ exhibition – Being Human Festival

I had an exhibition last month at Sheffield Central Library, part of the ‘Being Human’ festival of the humanities held across the UK. The work takes the feeling of home of a starting point; myself and academic Richard Steadman-Jones set out to discover what home means to people living in Sheffield today.

Working closely with five participants and their families, I developed a set of images for each person which help to portray what it is that makes home, home for them. The images were partnered with text written by the participants, helping to illuminate the images and describe individual feelings of what it is about a place that turns it into a home.

Jon Cannon worked on the design and layout, a fine co-curator transforming the Central Library’s display boards into something much quieter and more homely.


This was a brilliant opportunity for me to explore further the themes that interest me as a photographer: identity, belonging and migration. Participants came not only from Sheffield, but also France, Afghanistan, Iceland, and Finland. I hope to create more work exploring this sense of multicultural or transcultural identities, and how these are played out or maintained over time.

More of the work will be on the main part of my site soon.

See here for more about Being Human.