A snapshot of freelance life

A snapshot of freelance life

The question that strikes fear into many a freelancer: ‘What are you working on?’. While I always wish I could be spending more time on personal projects, the reality is that self-employment is a delicate balance between time and money. So, here is a snapshot of what I’ve been working on over the past few months; some enjoyable jobs and […]

January fitness inspiration

One of the things I love most about China is the parks, and how much time people spend outside. Older generations in particular are very active, often up at the crack of dawn flying kites, doing Tai Chi, dancing, swinging arms around and walking backwards. Exercise parks, the kind that popped up in British cities before […]

Equine therapy

Some photos from a few summers ago when I went along to a Horse Boy Camp in Cornwall. The camps were set up by Rupert Isaacson, father of a son with autism, with the aim of providing a safe environment in which children on the autistic spectrum and their families can interact and spend time with horses and […]

Out to sea in north east China

Fisherman Dong leaving the beach at dawn, Dalian, China 2007. A conversation I had recently has been on my mind. I was asked what I do with all the photos I take that don’t make it to final projects or are sent to clients and it struck me how useless I am at doing anything much with […]

Exhibition in Sheffield Cathedral

Some photos of my recent exhibition in Sheffield Cathedral, part of The City as Bricolage project. Mine was the final of three exhibitions showcasing new photographic work created for Sheffield’s city archives. It was great spending so much time in this magnificent building, the light from the stained glass windows was incredible in the mornings. Andy Brown and Rosy […]

Young people are bothered about politics – new short doc completed

Last year I learnt that young people do care about politics. I have just completed a new short documentary with this message in mind, which can be seen in full here: https://vimeo.com/113705384 Synopsis: Filmed entirely in Sheffield, a group of young people demonstrate that far from being disengaged and disinterested in politics and political opinion, they are […]