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A project exploring the sense of home. I worked with people living in Sheffield and their families to identify the ways in which¬†that they felt most at home, photographing these moments which were presented alongside their words. This work was commissioned for the ‘Being Human’ Festival of Arts and Humanities in November 2015.

1 -3. Susan and Ingo. ‘We, an Icelander and a Mancunian, have become Sheffielders.’

4. Minna. ‘I made my home far from where I came from. I might have arrived in Sheffield with one suitcase, but now everything I have is here.’

5-6. Louis and Ollie. ‘I feel really attached to France and I like to think that I live there, but when I’m asked where I’m from, instead of saying I’m from England I say I’m from Yorkshire!’ (Ollie, L). ‘I think home is not a place but a thing because I think it is when I feel comfort, safety and relaxation’ (Louis, R).

7. Shirley. ‘I live in a village on the outskirts of Sheffield. This is very different to where I grew up, nearby to factories where several generations of my family worked, employed in cutlery manufacturing. I was born here and have lived here all my life. Sheffield will always be my home.’

8. Wazhma and Waseq. ‘Every day we speak with my parents on Skype. If we don’t, they will worry about us. I was born in Kabul, Afghanistan and have been in Sheffield for more than six years now. I have my brothers in Birmingham and an uncle in London, but I like it here in Sheffield, it feels like home.’