Miss Punny

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In the small town of Festus, Missouri USA, lives a motivated and inspirational older lady, fondly known as Miss Punny by her family and neighbours.

When her former home burned down, she decided to create Mom’s Garden in its place, as a tribute to her late mother. Dotted with picnic tables and chairs, Mom’s Garden is a communal space for family and neighbourhood gatherings. ‘You can tell by all the dust in the house where I’d rather be’, says Miss Punny, who spends as much time as possible outside in the garden.

The land has been in the family for almost 100 years. For Miss Punny, it’s not just a place of memory for her parents, but part of her daily routine. She started working seriously on the garden when her husband passed away six years ago. Every day begins with her pulling her cart across the road, plugging in her radio, and getting to work. With a helping hand from family members and neighbours, the garden remains a living part of her family history.