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Commission to produce two short films with community groups in Sheffield and Cumbria, as part of The University of Sheffield’s Researching Community Heritage project during 2013.

A Break in the Clouds is a collaborative film project reflecting on the practices and routines of people living in Mosser, Cumbria, and the impact of weather and landscape on their daily lives. Unique to this work are the 18th Century diaries of two residents of the area, Isaac Fletcher and Elihu Robinson, whose words act as a guide. The film also touches on current issues in the township of Mosser, which are reflective of the wider changes occuring in English upland landscapes.

Scans of the original diaries are thanks to Carlisle Library and © The Religious Society of Friends in Britain.

Heeley History Workshop have been meeting since the early 1980s to research, discuss and share local history in their neighbourhood of Heeley, Sheffield.

Every Monday afternoon chairwoman Lilian holds court as the group meet to share stories, help with family history enquiries, or work on their next publication. At 3pm the kettle is boiled, cups of tea distributed and the discussion continues. Most members are retired and the meetings are an important part of their social lives, encouraging a ‘social fellowship’ as Lilian proudly calls it.