Transition / Walsall NHS Trust

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Commission from Walsall NHS Trust to create a series of images as Walsall Manor Hospital underwent a £170 million redevelopment.

I photographed daily life in the hospital as it underwent this huge change, with a particular interest in the people who were working, and being treated there. I was drawn to the relationship they have with its buildings, the way spaces become individualised with time, and the added emotional value that comes with a big change on the horizon.

“It’s like a small town, or like a big wheel, with each department as a cog to turn it”, said one staff member. The old buildings, although worn, were full of life. Many of the staff spoke fondly about their workplaces, and were sad to see them go. The hospital moved from buildings up to 150 years old, to a new purpose-built (and PFI financed) site; perhaps reflective of the wider transition of the NHS itself.

This work was exhibited at Walsall New Art Gallery in 2011.